A Full Service Company providing Building Materials and Construction Services to Rural Farming and Ranching Customers


The "ProCon Gang" consists of two entities, ProCon Construction LLC and ProCon Ranching & Recycling Center LLC.

ProCon Construction LLC was formed in 1991 and initially was involved with any construction project to survive. Over time, our founder realized there was a need for someone with knowledge and expertise in rural construction (e.g. farming, ranching, equestrian, etc.). Since he grew up on a farm in the Midwest, it seemed to be a natural fit. As a farmer or rancher, you quickly learn to master many different skills (e.g. welder, fence builder, pole builder, excavator, etc.) as there just isn't enough room in the budget to hire professionals. Consequently, we bring all of those skills to provide a full service construction provider. The end result is that we are able to save our customers a considerable amount of money by providing all of these services under one roof. Anytime you start hiring subcontractors, the costs can escalate. Many times we already have our equipment on-site and therefore can complete different jobs without any additional set up charges, etc.

Procon Ranching & Recycling Center LLC was formed several years after ProCon Construction and originated from the many customer requests wanting to do the work themselves, but were unable to obtain the materials needed for the job at a reasonable price. Since we already carried the materials for our construction work, it was convenient to open the retail side as well.